About Ozzie Bakes

Ozzie Bakes LLC is a bakery that was established in 2018 in Coldwater Kansas.

The owner, Sue Roberts, came to USA all the way from Adelaide in South Australia to set up an Australian style bakery and proudly sells a variety of gourmet Aussie meat pies as well as many other bakery goodies. Everything is hand made, high quality from scratch with a lot of love and passion put into it!

We are very proud of our handcrafted Aussie meat pies that are made with only the best ingredients and no added preservatives or artificial flavor's. Good wholesome food just like Grandma used to make!

The pastry is completely hand made buttery and flaky puff pastry. The meat pies are unique and have been perfected to give you the very best of flavors and texture. We continue to create new flavors to surprise and delight our customers.

New pie flavors and dessert options will be added soon!

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Thank you!


Sue Roberts